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Engineering Services

Material Handling

  • Design and building of Stock Houses for Blast Furnaces
  • Alloy Weighing and Dosing Systems for steel melt shops

Rolling Mills

  • Rolling Mills for Wire Rods and Bars
  • Assigned Amount Units (AAU’s)

Iron Making

  • Pulverized Coal Injection for Blast Furnaces
  • Sinter Plant – Gas cleaning / Dioxin removal
  • Coal grinding and Drying
  • Desulphurization of Hot Metal
  • Melting of steel mill waste materials- Oxy Cupola furnaces


  • Cupola Furnaces
  • Equipments for the Foundry Industry including Batching and Charging Plants, Melting Plants, Casting and Sand separation and Cooling Lines, Casting Shake Out and Sand Reclamation Lines.


  • Waste Heat Recovery systems for the Steel and Power Industry

Steel Making

  • Combined / Bottom Blowing of converters.
  • Automation of converters

Coke Plants

  • Coke oven batteries - conventional/ non- recovery/heat recovery
  • Coal tower
  • Coke Dry Quenching with steam and power generation.
  • Settling Pond
  • Coke Wharf
  • Coke Oven Machines
    i) Coal charging car
    ii) Coke guide car
    iii) Coke transfer car
    iv) Coke pushing car
    v) Emission control equipments
    vi) Quencheing car & loco.